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63 Upper Richmond Road, East Putney, London, SW15 2RD.

Semi Private Sessions

(up to 3 people)

At Pinnacle Pilates we believe in doing whatever is necessary to open the body to its fullest potential. Sometimes this requires more than doing Pilates. For this reason we offer a variety of semi private sessions as follows:

  • Pilates Mat

    This is dynamic work which focuses on strengthening the abdominal and core muscles through the original sequence of exercises as taught by Joseph Pilates. We will start by learning the fundamental concepts of Pilates taking them through the basic 10 and finally the full repertoire of 34 exercises so that one exercise flows into another challenging your concentration and ability to stay connected to your core muscles.


    Is a movement system that gently works the entire body, through seven natural spinal movements . It combines elements of Yoga, Tai Chi, swimming and dance.

    The focus of the series is moving the spine and pelvis to massage tension from hips, knees, shoulders and other muscles. These postures are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the use of breath, making the exercises appear and feel like a dance.

    The spiralling movements stimulate the nervous system and the internal organs as well as opening the energy pathways and oxygenating the blood. These exercises are a great compliment to any other fitness routine and will enhance your athletic or dance performance.


    By rolling through the body on a small ball in specific routines, you give yourself the feeling of a deep massage while lengthening and toning your muscles, giving yourself space in all the joints, greater range of motion, and a resonant sense of freedom in the body. The intelligent sequencing of movements over the ball allow you to systematically decompress the entire body, including the feet, face, hands, and wrists. The work for the spine, part of all body rolling routines, creates space between the vertebrae, and frees all the nerve roots of the spine, which allows the body to heal and detoxify more effectively.

  • CORE ENERGETICS (group and/or individual sessions available)

    This is a body centered psychotherapy that uses energy, movement, breath and inter-personal relationships to create consciousness about who you truly are. You become aware of the ways in which you hold yourself back from living a deeply fulfilling life.

    One way we all inhibit ourselves is by blocking our energy – and our emotions – in parts of our body. By learning how to move the energy in your body, you learn to free your emotions and to get in touch with all your feelings. When you loosen these local blocks, your experience of your entire body changes. Clients say they have become more alive, powerful, joyful, daring… Please note this work is offered on a private and closed group basis. Dates to be announced. .

Bespoke GROUP CLASSES available upon request