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63 Upper Richmond Road, East Putney, London, SW15 2RD.


Please note all sessions are 55 minutes long and that we operate a 24 hour cancellation policy.
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer, Mastercard, American Express or simply use the PayPal buttons located on the bio page of each instructor.

Studio Sessions

The essence of our work in teaching Pilates is to use it as a vehicle to bring health and wellness back to the body. Our intimate studio provides a calm environment in which we can address the individual needs of each client. We welcome people of all ages and fitness levels. If you are curious and just want to try it out please call and book our Taster Session.

Taster Session (1 hour)

This is really an opportunity to simply experience the Pilates work and see if it's for you. The machines are really not as scary as they look and this session will give you an idea of how your body responds to the exercises and how it's different from going to the gym. There is no further commitment after this session but many people enjoy it so much that they continue on with our Introductory Package.

Introductory Package (3 private sessions)

Since no two bodies are created equal we custom tailor each private session to asses your movement patterns and any muscular imbalance in the body. We then use the beginner Pilates exercises both on mat and all the apparatus to strengthen the muscles that are weak thus creating a new muscle memory in the body which will impact all the other activities in our daily life. Upon completion of the Intro Package your instructor will advise you to either continue with private sessions or you have the option to join another person in their workout as a Duet Session.

Private Sessions

After the Intro Package some people choose to continue working privately either due to physical limitations or to give the greatest flexibility in booking sessions. Other people simply require more personal attention before progressing to Duet sessions. Your instructor will advise you on what is the best choice for your body.

Duets (2 people)

We do our best to match you up with another person of similar ability where you can continue progressing through the Pilates repertoire both on mat and all the apparatus. Whilst you are all doing the same "workout" each person will still focus on what they learned about their own bodies in the intro package.

As you become more familiar with the exercises the pace becomes quicker thus challenging your breath, concentration and the ability to stay connected to your core.

At Pinnacle Pilates we believe in rewarding clients for their custom. We are happy to offer you a discounted private session for every referral.