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63 Upper Richmond Road, East Putney, London, SW15 2RD.

The Emotional Anatomy Series

(These workshops can be attended in any order and will be repeated throughout the year.)

A series of three workshops exploring how we, as physical therapists/trainers/movement teachers, can have a greater impact with our clients, by working on a deeper level that is beyond the physicality of bones, muscles and alignment. Using tools from Somatic Psychotherapy we will explore accessing and trusting your intuition to have a more fulfilling career and create deeper, long lasting relationships with your clients.

In the first workshop we practice “seeing” your clients newly from a perspective of “'Emotional Anatomy'” which is especially useful when working long term with people. Learn how the muscular tension and emotional holding in their bodies can contribute to physical pain and prevent them from having the freedom of movement we were all born with. Understanding the history they carry in their bodies can also help you to support them in achieving their health and fitness goals.

The second workshop will explore the experience of our own' Emotional Anatomy. Learn how our emotional history creates blocks and barriers to being more effective in our careers and relationships both inside and outside of work. We will practice using our physical and energetic presence to create boundaries with challenging clients and to powerfully deal with difficult situations.

In the final workshop we will courageously delve into our 'shadow selves' and explore “the mask” we have learned to wear in order to maintain a pleasing and agreeable demeanor with our clients. This will help' us to identify any disempowering patterns and beliefs and how they might impact our effectiveness with people. Only by exploring the darkness can we bring in the light.

Emotional Anatomy of Clients
February 28th, 2016

In this intimate workshop we will look at how to see and read our clients’ bodies as a road map of the emotional experiences of each individual. It is these experiences that create energetic and physical blockages in the body making it difficult for natural organic movement to occur.

Understanding our clients from this perspective will enable us to teach in a way that honors the defense mechanism of each person and also invites the body to shed tension and open, not only to freedom of movement but, perhaps to the joy of life itself.

Taking into account the emotional anatomy of our clients can alter how we cue, what exercises we choose to give them and even the tone of our voice in the session.

This knowledge allows for a deeper intimacy with long-term clients and is also helpful to quickly build trust with and retain new clients.

Emotional Body Reading for Teachers
April 24th, 2016

Energetically our bodies are sending silent messages to the world all the time. Often in all our knowledge and information of teaching choreography, exercises and breath, it is natural and easy to miss the important communication both from our own bodies and those of our clients.

In this workshop we will train your eyes to practice “seeing” the muscular tension and emotional holding that shows in our bodies and is often in the way of physical movement. You will have feedback about how your body and energy impacts others and how this may impede connecting with your clients and/or feeling empowered in your teaching.

Shadow Work /The Dark Side of Teaching
June 26th, 2016

The series concludes by courageously looking at how our own physical and emotional armoring can get in the way of connecting with clients and making a greater impact.

As movement teachers. therapists, trainers, we are generally caring, generous people committed to making a difference for others. However, in our daily interactions with clients and fellow colleagues, there can be underlying conflict, power struggles, triggers and resentments that remain hidden. Unattended, these emotions can distance us from clients and colleagues and also leave us feeling exhausted or drained after a session.

In this workshop we will look at the psychodynamics that occur in the client/teacher/trainer relationship. As much as some clients might be difficult for us to deal with, our authority, tone and demeanor can also be a challenge for them. Having an awareness of your Shadow self will give you greater freedom to be with challenging clients and difficult situations without losing your clarity and grounding.

We invite you to bring a client relationship that you struggle with and are willing to explore in the group. We will look at the hidden blocks that may disempower you in this relationship and also utilize tools to create a different outcome. The ultimate goal being to enable the gifts you bring in your teaching to truly shine through.

This is an intimate, creative and fully interactive workshop where you will have the opportunity to role-play and receive individual guidance and feedback.

Times: 10:30 to 5:00 pm

Cost: £155 per workshop or £395 for all three
Location; Pinnacle Pilates

Early Bird Bonus; Register before February 14th, 2016 and receive a free Somatic Body Therapy session.

Note; These workshops are best suited for experienced teachers interested in learning to see and teach beyond the physical level of the body.

Please contact linda@pinnaclepilates.co.uk with any questions.